5 reasons why yoga with Sunil is different

Outdoor yoga classes starting May 2021

Spring is an ideal time for a fresh start,  with the gradually longer days and warmer climes it is natural to be want to spend more times outdoors. I invite you this Spring on an exploration of authentic, traditional yoga . 

Yoga is a structured means by which one can systematically come to the gateway of profound inner knowledge, for some it is transformational for others it is a confirmation of deep murmurings. 

My mission


I want to share the ancient authentic wisdom traditions of yoga and well-being with you. I reach out to all serious people; of all body shapes, levels of experience and ages to extend your knowledge through activity and self enquiry.

I believe that the post c-19 world should be one of integrated communities, this means getting out there and saying ‘hi’ to the people we share our space with.

Yoga is a brilliant way to do this because yoga is for all people, regardless of gender, body type, age or ability.

Reason 1: You’ll learn to control your emotions, not suppress them.

As the felt response to a given situation, emotions play a key part in your reactions. When you’re in tune with them, you have access to important knowledge that helps with decision making and relationships. I have written about yoga for mental health else where on my blog.

Accept your emotions — all of them

Accepting emotions as they come helps you gain self understanding. Increasing your comfort around intense emotions allows you to fully feel them without reacting in unhelpful ways.

So… Take a deep breath

There’s much to be said for the power of a deep breath, whether you’re ridiculously happy or so angry you can’t speak. Slowing down and paying attention to your breath won’t make the emotions go away (that’s not the goal).

Nevertheless, deep breathing exercises can help you ground yourself and take a step back from the first intense flash of emotion and any extreme reaction you want to avoid.

Reason 2: Understand your body rather than forcing it to fit a modern template

Yoga knowledge reaches back into the human story over 6000 years. There is a reason you have the body that you do. Cherish it, it will always change. By borrowing from the traditions of yoga we will begin understanding the nature of change and how it is integral to our growth.

Reason 3: Develop your power of intuition

Yoga teaches us to move beyond a simple reductionist view of reality. We are engaged in something more meaningful than simply our sense perceptions. 

Knowledge: Empirical understanding combined with theory

Each one of my yoga classes incorporates meditation. The principals of yogic meditation have been borrowed by many modern approaches, experience first hand the original form of these modern approaches.

  • Arrive
  • Acknowledge
  • Observe

When you still the (surface level) internal dialogue intuition comes to you. You will learn to interpret the amazing things that your body is communicating.

Reason 4: If your cup is already full how can you add anything new? 

We have to be willing to let go of one thing so that something new can enter.

Entering a wider knowledge base and also the community is opening yourself up so that you can wisely take on board that which will help you cross a barrier. On the other side? That which lays dormant within you.

Surrendering the ego so that the real you can win. The beginner mindset is the ideal starting point of entry into the profoundly deep.

Reason 5: By the end of summer, you will not be your best self. You will simply (and magnificently) be yourself. 

The difference will be that you will have a clear understanding of the process of stilling the mind. What is more, you will have it with you to use whenever you need it.

In fact, the fundamentals of Yoga with Sunil are such that you will be able to explain them with precision to your friends and family members. The information will have been assimilated into a wider body of knowledge that is contained within you. There’s a good chance that you will continue to practice yoga, develop and look on the group as a community.

So join us…