About Sunil

My name is Sunil, it’s difficult to say when exactly I first encountered Yoga. Having been taught to meditate as a child I came to Yoga to see if it could help me find stillness of body so that I could meditate deeper. It did. Since then I have sought to continually develop my knowledge.

I qualified to teach Yoga under the Pantanjali Yog Peeth Trust in 2011. I started out as a volunteer Yoga teacher with, Pran Yoga Reading, a charity that provides free Yoga classes in Reading, Berkshire. A sad reality is that often those people that need Yoga the most have least access to it. Working for Pranyog Reading was a deeply rewarding experience.

In 2012 I traveled through South America Teaching Yoga in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. During this time I met some wonderful teachers and saw first hand how Yoga can transcend barriers if we let it. There is something beyond words, a felt communication through the practice of Asana. It’s a source of continual wonderment to me; how so many people and all from such varying backgrounds, come to Yoga and find a commonality and shared experience of peace and wellbeing.

Yoga in the UK

Since returning to the UK in 2014 I have continued my instruction and qualified under the tutelage of Swami Ambikananda Saraswati. Swami Ji is a foremost Yoga scholar, author of several important texts on Yoga and breath work and Director of the Traditional Yoga Association. Teacher of teachers, many would describe her as a living Master of Yoga.

I practice Vinyasa flow Yoga and also Kundalini Yoga. But really I would call it simply Yoga. With respect to all traditions; when it comes to Yoga – it is all one. To me all Yoga is an illuminated pathway leading inwards but also enlivening and fun.

As a Senior Teacher of The Traditional Yoga Association, I am now qualified to train yoga teachers. This is the traditional teaching of yoga combining modern developments in bodywork science.

Since 2022 I have taken on the responsibility of Centre Manager at The Secret Space in Hertford, a yoga studio and charity the aims to bring yoga to those people who need it most.  My aim is to set the highest standards for yoga teaching and promote the good that yoga can do. I hope that, with The Secret Space ;more and more people who cannot access the wonderful and transformative power of yoga will find their way on the illuminated path that leads inward.

Yoga Classes by Sunil in Hertfordshire

In my Hertford Yoga classes I would hope to illuminate this path so that together we can begin to map out the terrain within. The end goal is giving you confidence in your body so that you experience peacefulness and good health in a community of like minded people. I also offer Yoga in Ware on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

If you’re curious to drop into a Yoga class, then email me today to reserve a place at a class.