General Questions Answered and How To Join

Two Hertford Yoga Classes offered:

Wednesday & Friday Evenings £12 from 7:30pm – 8:45pm (Friday until 9) at Mill Bridge Rooms, The Seed Warehouse, The Wash SG14 1PX.

Two Ware Yoga Classes offered:

Tuesday Evening £12 from 7:30pm – 8:45pm at Place House Hall, Bluecoat Yard, Ware SG12 9HL.

Wednesday Afternoon £12 12 – 13:15pm

Beginners welcome. Limited spare mats available, if you have one please bring it along. To come to a class email me and start your Yoga journey.

If you are new to Yoga you will probably have a lot of questions and may even be unsure of what to expect from the class itself. Don’t panic, you are not the only one. I will endeavour to answer as many of the more straightforward questions you may have, but if there is anything I miss out please feel free to email me. For greater detail about each class this article: What To Expect At A Yoga Class In Hertford will help.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a body work that combines science and art. To some people it is exercise, to others spiritual. Essentially; Yoga is moving with total body awareness. There are various ways to create awareness; the first step is to notice our breath. From this starting point Yoga is a journey of building confidence in your body, so that from a place of safety and comfort we can explore and test our boundaries. In many ways Yoga is how we create wholeness and connectivity within.

Why is Yoga good for you?

On a physical level Yoga will stretch deep muscle fibers and connective tissue called fascia. This movement helps the body to remove dead cells and regenerate. You will also breathe deeper than normal and this intake of oxygen helps to calm the body, relax muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system. There is a consistent focus on moving from the core of our being, this will develop lower back, abdominal and related muscle groups thereby counteracting the negative effects of driving for long periods or sitting at desks.

What type of Yoga will we practice?

The jargon free answer is that we will be primarily practicing the Yoga of postures in a joined up ‘flow’ sequence as well as meditation. I am a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor and I have also completed a number of courses in Vinyasa flow Yoga, meditation and Pranayama. Pranayama is an ancient and revered form of Yogic breathing that deeply cleanses the entire body system. It is changing but, there are few Yoga teachers in the UK that are qualified to teach Pranayama.

Do I need to buy a Yoga mat?

No. There are 5 spare mats available at class. Once you become a regular attendee it would be helpful to free up mats for new joiners. You can even buy a Yoga mat at class at cost price.

Can men do Yoga?

Yoga is for all people; indiscriminate of gender, race, creed, body shape, flexibility or income. Yoga originated in what is now know as India but it existed long before the nation of India. Yoga belongs to all of humanity; we come to class because of the felt benefits that we experience.

Is Yoga religious?

Yoga has a connection with Vedanta, the philosophical aspect of Hinduism. However, these classes are not oriented toward Hinduism. There is an exploration of the self, during class you will be invited to turn your gaze inward to discover what you feel in a pose. But there is no religious aspect to this.

Should I eat before class?

Because we’ll be twisting and carrying out some dynamic movements I’d advise to eat a light snack a maximum of 40 minutes before class. Any sooner and your body will not have had a chance to digest and the resulting inversions and twists could be uncomfortable.

What to do next?

Please email me if you are thinking of dropping by. Lets exchange on what Yoga could do for you and I can answer any other questions you may have.