Kirtan & Chanting Hertford, Hertfordshire

Yoga has many thousands of sacred chants that are significant not because of the words used but because of the vibrations created, this is the essence of kirtan. Get your breathing right and the right vibrations will come to you. The result is a flow into the continuous present moment, like a meditation these gatherings are a group experience of just this.

Whether you have been on one of our day retreats or this is your first time, Kirtan is something that anyone can do. As important as the outward sound may seem, of greater importance is the vibration and our intention when taking part. Sing your heart out and get deep into the mystical.

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is devotional chanting that can be an inner or outward action. We use Sanskrit chants as the language is oriented toward creating particular vibrations. The intention and the love that is projected into the vibration spreads outward, and resonates with the harmonies of nature.

The session will be lead by Sunil and professional musician Rachel Coe who studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where she gained her MA in Orchestral Artistry.

Together with you, we shall seek to create an ecstatic out pouring to heal, uplift and unite.

Want to hear about the next gathering?

Send me your details and I’ll email you, people on this list also qualify for early bird discounts.

You are most welcome to bring along any musical instruments you have, we’ll have a few things you can bash, pluck, strum and play with too.

Handouts and instruction provided on the day 🙂