11 Reasons To Do Yoga In the Morning & How

From decreasing anxiety and depression to improving heart health and feelings of social connection, the effects are well-studied. Whether you are a busy parent or a commuter you’ll know that mornings can be a window for productivity – learn more about online yoga classes.

1. Setting your intention at the beginning of the day can help you keep your focus throughout the day. It might be to drink enough water, to stop negative thoughts before they start, to practice self love.

2. Get rid of ‘fuzz’. Whilst sleeping our bodies are moving a lot less than during the day. Getting your body warmed up and stretched out is an excellent way to maintain optimal good health.

3. Don’t start stressed. A clear and calm start to the day will help you notice when you start to let things get the better of you so you can stop and re-connect and stop the slide.

4. Activate your white blood cells. Waking up and getting moving gets your natural defence mechanism up and running. Yoga activates all your body’s systems.

5.Get happy. As well as activating your circulation and immune systems yoga in the morning helps you to get a mood boost too. Research shows that it actually helps your sleep too!

6. Me time. Get your day off to a flyer by having some me time. Your practice of yoga is something you do alone but helps those around you too.

7. Boost your digestive fire. Getting moving will help your body to process the nutritional benefits of the food that you take in. By strengthening the deeper muscles around your organs your body will get more efficient at extracting vitamins from the food you take in.

8. The inner creates the outer. Getting your inner world right will influence how you see the world around you. Yoga is all about perfecting this.

9. Quiet mornings are the best time to get your dose of peace, just before the world starts to wake up, enjoy the quiet and merge with it during your yoga practice.

10. Boost your brain power. Focussing early in the day helps you increase productivity and alertness throughout the day. 

11. Experience the flow. Connecting with your deep self is part of being here now. Being present with your breath in yoga opens up a doorway into a flow state. 

Still not sure?

When it comes to online yoga a live Zoom yoga class is the better option. Check out my post about Zoom Vs. YouTube Yoga to discover why you’ll get a more authentic experience.

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