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Sunil – Centre Manager

As Centre Manager of The Secret Space I am responsible for managing centre operations, and providing leadership in strategic and operational planning. I leads the development of centre initiatives and improvements for fulfilment of our charitable aims.

I also oversee delivery of centre programmes and client services into corporate and public sector initiatives with the aim of brining yoga to the wider community.

A Senior Teacher with The Traditional Yoga Association, I also a yoga teacher trainer.

“I am passionate about yoga, having experienced the immense transformative effects it can have. On a daily basis I get to work with Hertfordshire’s best therapists and yoga people. If you are curious about how to access yoga and holistic therapies then let’s talk!”

Sunil – Yoga Teacher

I am a Senior Traditional Yoga Association yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. I have been practising yoga in its various forms since childhood and I am lucky enough to be trained by a modern master of yoga, Swami Ambikananda Saraswati, a published author on several important translations within the canon of Vedantic literature.

Qualified in 2011 and on the Hertfordshire yoga scene since 2016, my weekly yoga classes take place in Ware, Hertford, and Welwyn Garden City. I regularly offers workshops on the deeper aspects of yoga often referring to source material from the Vedas to relay the ancient practice of yoga for a modern audience. I have also undergone specific training in pranayama, a revered practice of breathing exercises.

As a yoga teacher trainer my lineage of instruction comes from The Shivananda School. My teacher’s teacher was the acolyte of Shivananda himself; Swami Venkatesh Ananda. Swami Venkatesh is considered a master of yoga and was a renowned scholar of the philosophical branch of yoga, Vedanta.

Yoga has taken me all over the world, from teaching in far off South America, to running retreats in Europe and Morocco. In 2023 I will be a guest teacher at The World Yoga Festival.

“As a lifelong student of yoga, I consider yoga a gift to humanity and it is a privilege to be able to share my love of yoga with you. I have been blessed to learn from a wonderful teacher who has enormous respect for the origins of yoga but who is courageous enough to embrace modern research into bodywork, sport science and psychotherapy. What emerges is a broad spectrum view of yoga, I work on the principle that anything done with awareness is yoga. A complete system of enquiry in the search for meaning.”

At my classes you can expect a full body workout, all abilities are welcome and nobody is left behind, you will explore pranayama and meditation. Expect it to be deep, heartfelt and up lifting.

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