Free Daily Meditation

Daily meditation sitting at 10am until 10:30. All are welcome.

Free Daily Meditation

10 – 10:30AM

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Meditation is a an experience of ‘being’, rather than ‘doing’. This practice is non-religious, and is an important first step into a deeper practice.

In this practice you will learn to still your mind using your breath as a tool to help you observe your own mental processes. It is not easy and will take weeks or months of diligent daily practice. The sooner we accept this, the earlier we can drop expectations and allow for our faculty of concentration to to develop.

The purpose of this exercise is to develop inner mastery, feelings of relaxation may occur but this is not the aim of this meditation. The important thing is to accept whatever you encounter in your practice and to observe it with detachment. If you are experiencing mental health issues you may find this post on yoga for anxiety, depression and dementia insightful.

The video above offers a quick guide to prepare you for meditation. How to sit and what we’ll be doing.

If you are new, please say ‘hi’ and let me know you are new. I look forward to meeting you and wish you every success in your meditation.

This meditation is lead by Yoga With Sunil. Please contact me by email should you wish to join online yoga or in-real-life yoga in Hertford, Ware and Hertfordshire.