Yoga Hertford

If you are new and want to try a yoga class in Hertford at the Mill Bridge Rooms on Wednesday’s and Friday’s then please email me to reserve a place. The classes are £12 and ideal for those completely new to yoga. If you class yourself as an intermediate or advanced yogi then there is still plenty there for you. If you want to learn to meditate then see this page of my website.

For Yoga and meditation classes in Hertford on Wednesday and Friday’s at 7:30 pm. Wednesday & Friday Mill Bridge Rooms, The Seed Warehouse, The Wash SG14 1PX

If you are looking for fancy stretching, instagram-able yoga then you may be disappointed but you are still very welcome to come along. You might discover something far deeper.

Meditation incorporated with Yoga Class in Hertford & Ware

Do you find your head swimming with a collection of random thoughts? Turing our attention away from mental abstraction and just ‘being’ has a powerful and transformative effect on the Central Nervous System. Benefits range from physical wellbeing to emotional relief, everything in-between and way way more.

The skill of meditation can be tricky to pick up, that is why a regular practice in a supportive environment is often talked of in contemplative and esoteric practices. There is a special quality that a group of people entering deeply into meditation can generate that has a galvanising effect on ones own practice. We are lucky in Hertford to have a range of classes where one can learn to meditate. The classes talked about here are unique for reasons that will become clearer.

Yoga and Meditation Hertford

Classes at The Mill Bridge Rooms incorporate Yoga and meditation, in this technique we switch between performing physical exercises and yoga postures and then entering meditation. A hectic lifestyle where we are constantly on-the-go means that the momentum of mental activity can make it incredibly difficult to find stillness within oneself. This is one of the reasons why Yoga and mediation go so well together. One serves to inform the other and by challenging ourselves physically the mind is compelled to quieten to complete the task at hand. Depending on the intensity of this we are then able to create a tiny gap of no-mind where meditation is possible.

Having been practising meditation for over 30 years I can say with confidence that it is easier to start meditating in a group setting where you can ask questions and draw inspiration from the efforts of those around you.

The mediation that you will be practising on Wednesday and Friday evenings, 7:30-9pm will not be based around any religion. If connecting with ones deep self is spiritual then that could be a label. However; I do not even think mediation is that. What is primary is our contact with our self, we listen for the sounds around us and within us. We see the space around us and then turn that gaze inward.

Next Steps…

Email me if any of this has your interest or if you have any questions and want to drop in and try out a class. You can contact me by email to book your place at a class.

If you are seeking a meditation class only then, you may want to try the free online meditation session I run everyday at 10 am.