Pam’s Year Of Online Yoga Classes Through Lockdown

A few weeks ago I reached out to my small but dedicated group of yogin’s to see if they wanted to share their lockdown yoga experiences. I ‘met’ Pam for the first time during my lockdown #1 yoga classes, we have yet to meet in real life.

The questions one asks reveal a great deal about the questioner, Pam is insightful, gracious and has the heart of a yogi. I have been impressed by Pam’s dedication and development and it’s a honour to share the beautiful practice of yoga with her.

What follows is Pam’s experience of doing online yoga for the last year. Here is Pam’s story.

Lockdown #1 Face to face yoga shuts down

A year ago, almost to the day, our yoga class was suspended indefinitely. Our yoga journey at that time was a weekly 90 mins class in a small school hall locally. 10 ladies and one man ( my husband). For us, after a busy day at work, it was about relaxation, stretching and flexibility. Not to mention that our sleep after yoga was amazing…our yoga sleep!

Soon after the school closed its premises to evening classes, the whole country went into lockdown. It was looking like the earliest resumption of yoga for us was September. (The reality being that it has not returned to date and no likelihood in the near future). And so, it was to the internet we turned and YouTube.

Luckily, my son and daughter in law suggested we contact Sunil. They had been practising yoga with Sunil and suggested we contact him to see if we could join his live online yoga classes via Zoom. Luckily we were able to join and our yoga journey was able to continue. 

Adapting to the new ‘normal’

So, here we are one year later. From the first class it was obvious that this was going to work for us. The motivation of a timetabled start time and duration can’t be underestimated. Joining a live community with ‘hello’ and ‘good evening’ gives a real personal feel. The opportunity to discuss, question, feedback and comment at any time kept the personal journey alive.

Instructions, explanations and intentions are all made super clear by Sunil. How to achieve an asana, what it does for you, where you should be feeling a stretch and where indeed you should not are clearly and carefully described. Options for different energy/ skill/ fitness levels are always offered. Recommendations for different physical issues are offered with reasons.

“The motivation of a timetabled start time and duration can’t be underestimated”

Personal growth in yoga

Every class is carefully prepared and introduce lots of variety. We have been joining 4 times a week and never feel complacent or bored. We have been introduced to more of the philosophy of yoga, pranayama and meditation… an interesting and challenging aspect to our yoga journey. These quieter aspects of yoga have been a challenge for me. Incoming thoughts have always been a major distraction and virtual tug of war.. but I can now acknowledge that they are there, give a quiet nod, a no thank you I am otherwise engaged and calmly remain in the moment. I am so pleased with this progress! 

Unexpected gains

My husband is tall with a long back. Regular tensions and stiffness here are an ongoing issue to be managed ( with the help and support of a chiropractor ). After a year of regular yoga ( on zoom ) , back issues are almost a thing of the past and even his chiropractor comments on the very positive results of our yoga 👍.

“After a year of regular yoga ( on zoom ) , back issues are almost a thing of the past and even his chiropractor comments on the very positive results of our yoga”

Sunil: A stronger core will take the pressure off other muscles 🙂

Just before the covid pandemic I retired from teaching after 40+ years. I had a thirst and energy for new travels and to learn and embrace new things and experiences.  New travel is clearly not an option in these weird times but little did I know that it would be yoga that stepped up to be my challenge of learning new things and embracing new experiences.  

I/we feel fitter, much stronger…in our legs, core and even upper body. We continue to enjoy our yoga journey and look forward to every class and what it will bring.

Who knew yoga via zoom could do all this ???? Oh…and I forgot to mention….. we have lost weight too 😄. Thank you Sunil.🙏.

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