Yoga For Seniors: Slow and gentle yoga

Afternoon yoga classes for older people are available two times a week in Ware, Hertfordshire. You do not need to have any previous experience of yoga, contact me to drop in.

Afternoon yoga for older people

Wednesday’s at 12 until 13:15

Each class is £12. You must book your first session.

I tailor each session to those whom are present in the room, so if you have any special requirements these can be catered for.

It seems that yoga has never been more needed than today. We are all aware of the importance of good physical health, but do we give enough consideration to our mental health? In my yoga classes I incorporate all aspects of yoga.

At these afternoon classes you will learn how to do the physical poses of yoga but more importantly than that you will learn about your body and the types of movements that are particularly useful for you.

At each class we make time for breath work and meditation. This will deepen our powers of concentration and make for an authentic yoga experience. Yoga is all about stilling the racing mind and encountering oneself from a place of awareness. These can seem like abstract or complicated ideas… they are! My role is to make these ideas a felt reality for you.

Take control of your health, contact me below

Yoga For Seniors Ware: Address & details

Yoga Ware Place House Hall, Bluecoat Yard, Ware SG12 9HL 

For a map of the exact location please see this page: map to yoga for seniors in Ware.

There is no parking available at Bluecoat Yard, but you can park for free at the Tesco car park for 2 hours. You will find the entrance to Bluecoat Yard between Wrights Fish & Chip Shop and the pharmacy.

Yoga is for everyone. My friend Brenda has been practising yoga with me since 2016, she is the single most dedicated yogi I have ever met and an inspiration to all.

Sunil is a local yoga teacher living in Hertfordshire. A graduate of the Traditional Yoga Association Sunil teaches a range of classes related to the ancient practice of yoga. Contact me for details about yoga retreats, teacher training, Kirtan, breath work, meditation and more.