Live yoga classes or YouTube yoga?

Choosing the right yoga class for yourself is a tricky consideration, learning the correct thing at the correct time is the gift of courageous decision making, providence or is it grace. Who knows?

Each of us has a desire to come to a deeper self knowledge, to be more authentic to fulfil our deepest potential – we all express this in different ways. Yoga is a system that provides a framework for just such an endeavour. There are many expressions of yoga, a good teacher will lead you to a place where you are able to develop your personal practice. So that each time you come to a class you are celebrating your practice with your yoga community.

Lockdown Life

Our recent shared experience has brought into focus the essential things. Great relationships, vibrant good health for ourselves and those we love.

With our inner space being exposed to a higher than usual volume of anxious news and information, we also need to be more aware of the content we are absorbing, on social media, the news and other online services.

Live Online or YouTube Yoga?

Here are some reasons why I think live online yoga classes are a better option during this heightened time of self care and conscious decision making.

  1. You have social interaction: Whilst we have been told to keep a physical distance, social interaction is incredibly important for all human beings. Having a live class means you have a live community of people to get to know and communicate with.
  2. You can ask the teacher: The ability to communicate with your teacher means that no matter what level you are, you can access the classes and benefit from them. Whether you need advice on a pose, a clarification on an instruction, or want to share your thoughts on how classes could work better for you, that interaction is actively encouraged by your teacher.
  3. It’s not one size fits all: Pre recorded classes are created for a generic fitness level, body type and physical ability. During the health crisis it has been advised to not take a risk that could send you to an A&E department. With an online class, you can tell the teacher of any physical concerns or restrictions you have, and can report back immediately if you experience any discomfort or pain whilst attempting any movement. This will help to prevent injuries as well as promoting a growth in physical fitness.
  4. Invite your friends and family: Being able to spend quality time with the people you are missing is a great way to boost not only your moral but the mood of the people you care about most. It also means you have something to talk about together that is positive and stimulating, which can contrast the other conversation you may be having at the moment!
  5. Positive community: Investing your time in a community of people that are all taking the same positive action as you, encourages and supports you to keep seeing the other positive actions you can do for yourself and others.
  6. A healthy routine: Having to be in your room, on your mat and ready for class at a set time provides a structure and routine which will not only help you keep your yoga practice on track, but will also help you structure the rest of your time around it too.
  7. Learn your teachers language: Each teacher has a unique style and way of explaining postures and flows. By committing to a live online class, you are choosing one teacher as your main focus. The benefit is that you will become familiar to your teachers way of teaching, and it will become easier to flow along with the class.
  8. There is a life after covid-19! Practices, skills and habits that you cultivate now will stay with you after this immediate situation resolves. Knowing that you could continue your class in real life, or join your teacher and community on a future retreat means that the investment you are making now doesn’t have an end date to it. You can look forward to a day when your device is off and you are standing in a room practicing with your yoga community.

Now that you’re all set do take your yoga practice live and online, what about setting up your yoga space? Check out this post called, ‘How to set up your home yoga space‘.

With the current situation we are facing as a global community, it is even more vital that we make choices that promote our physical and mental health, flexibility and endurance – if you would like to give yourself the chance to experience Yoga and see how it can enhance your self understanding then sign up for a week of yoga today.

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