How to set up your home online yoga space

One of the benefits of your yoga lessons now taking place in the comfort of your own home, is that you can design a unique yoga environment for yourself!

The first step is to create a safe, comfortable space to do online yoga in. For this you should consider-

  1. Size. You need to have enough floor space for your mat, with a border of a foot around the edge. Avoid uneven flooring . Leave enough space away from any large pieces of furniture or walls, so that you can swing your arms around your body. Work in a space that has a high enough ceiling so that you may reach your arms over head.
  2. Temperature. Throughout the class your temperature may fluctuate depending on the poses, flows or relaxation postures you are in. Choose a room that has a comfortable resting temperature, so that you can manage your body temperature the usual way with layers and blankets when necessary.
  3. Privacy. Make sure to tell the people in your household that you are doing your practice- this will help your space to stay uninterrupted. However it is still best not to have your mat right next to a door, as the potential of it being opened and knocking you off balance isn’t worth the risk!

Once you have found a suitable space that allows you to practice in a safe, comfortable manner, it’s time to consider the atmosphere of the location.

As we are all spending a lot of time in the same location, making an effort to clean and prepare the space will help you bring your best focus and open mind to the yoga class. It will make your yoga space different from the usual bedroom/living room you see everyday.

Some fun things to consider!

  1. Lighting. adjust the lighting in the room to a lower setting than usual, using either lamps or candles to create a softer atmosphere. This is a great way to calm the mind and set the tone of the space. Just make sure you leave enough lighting to see clearly!
  2. Smell. You may have incense, scented oil, tiger balm or a favourite candle. A soothing smell can create a relaxing environment.
  3. Tidy. Taking the time to clear the space sets you off with the right intention to be caring towards yourself, by honouring your environment before you turn inward. It also means the room has less distractions for your mind to latch onto during the class.

The last thing to consider is what essential items you will need in the space with you, to assist the smooth running of the class and support you during your practice.

What are my essential items for online yoga?

  1. Device charger. The last thing you want is for mid flow your device to die and leave you adrift. With your device plugged in, you won’t need to worry about this happening and can relax into the class with confidence.
  2. Ethernet cable. You can plug your device directly into your WiFi router to improve the strength of the signal. In general, the closer you are to the router the better your signal stream will be. Another top tip to improve the signal is to ask other household members to not be using the WiFi excessively whilst you are doing your class!
  3. Yoga props. During the class you may need some items to help you. This can be a strap and a yoga block, or if you don’t have these at home, you can use a tie/dressing gown cord/ a long sock/ a scarf/ a jumper sleeve for a strap, and instead of a block you can use books/ cushions/ a rolled yoga mat. It’s also good to have a blanket for your shivasana.

You’re all set! See you on the mat.

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