Thursday Night Yoga Is Here

Thursday night Yoga classes in Hertford at 8:15 until 9:15 have started. We’ll be using the same location as on Monday evenings  – £8, 46A St Andrew Street, Hertford, SG14 1JA

Ideal for Beginners and those new to Yoga

These new evening Yoga Classes will run for a trial period of 3 month. If there is enough interest I’ll happily explore the possibility of running them for longer. In the background these classes will be a preparation for a charity fundraiser. Details of which are further down this post.

Why 3 months?

Because by then you will have had 12 hours of classes perfect for the first time yoga practitioner. You’ll be in the room with people who will be at the same point in their Asana (postural yoga) practice. So it’ll be an ideal learning environment. With a little luck, by the end of April you’ll have the fundamentals in place and a new found confidence in your Yoga.

Yoga-hertford-monday-st-andrews-streetWhat if I’m not new to Yoga?

You can still come too! For you; I will focus specifically on strength and flexibility. Mostly strengthening hamstrings, glutes, lower back and core. If you want to develop (strong) arm balances this is the class for you.

What if I’ve missed the first few classes?

The plan for these classes has covered that possibility. I’ve structured the series in such a way that you will be able to gradually increase your stamina without feeling like the odd one out.

Charity Fundraiser

Buoyed by your generosity at sponsoring Denise, Emily, Grace and me last year this time around I want us to join forces and perform as many Sun Salutations as possible for Charity. We can get sponsored by our nearest and dearest and, between the group; can agree on a local cause or charity to make a donation to. As of this moment I have no idea who/what that is but let’s cross that bridge when we get there.

What if I don’t want to do the sponsored bit?

That’s fine! You don’t have to. It’s just a cherry on the Yoga cake. The point of these classes is for those that do come to develop a fantastic understanding of Yoga that starts from the ground up. Sometimes this is skipped at the more general classes as experience levels vary.

Tell me more about what we’ll be doing at the classes…

I shall teach you, in detail; the Surya Nameskar – Salute to the Sun. A series of 12 postures that give a total body work out. The group will work toward an incremental development each week until we are close to 108. By this time you’ll have developed a strong core and be ready to test yourself… If you want to. With a little luck I hope to get some guest teachers to share their experience so that I can get a chance to get my training in for the big day!

Why is Monday £6?

Monday’s are £6 because I believe that Yoga should be made available to all. Since 2011 I have taught free Yoga classes in Reading, volunteering as part of a global charity organisation that promotes Yoga. The reality is that I cannot afford to put on free Yoga classes in Hertford. The best I can offer I a £6 option and concessions to those that need them. I want to keep available a possibility of affordable Yoga in Hertford and to my knowledge (I’ve done my research) I still offer the best priced Yoga classes in Hertfordshire.

What next?

If you’re new please email me to reserve your spot. If you’re an existing community member book in the usual way and lets take our yoga to a new level.