Yoga Retreat Morocco: A Closer Look

Spiritual Progress | The Wim Hoff Method | Why This Matters

As we draw closer and closer to the 28th of November yoga retreat in Morocco, I have been planning the content for the yoga retreat. I wanted to share the following outlines to give you a better idea of what to expect. 

Items of Study

We will have sit down question and answer sessions and also presentations from source material, the Vedas about: Philosophy, Spiritual development, How to engender change, Anatomy of yoga, Breath work, Meditation, Asana.

Why is this different?

I teach a traditional style of yoga that is aligned with Vedanta, the philosophical branch of Hinduism. It is important to make the distinction between philosophy and religion, at this retreat nothing is presented as a religious practice. But homage is paid to Vedanta – the philosophy underlying yoga as a practice.

We have a small group of 6 people each of whom is at a unique stage of their progress. All attendees are invited to the classes however is not mandatory. One is invited to practice according to their appetite and energy levels.

Impediments to spiritual progress

There is a good chance that you have left a yoga class feeling, lighter, refreshed and somehow more centred. But why does that feeling leave us? Is there a way to keep in contact with that blissed, joyful version of ourselves? Yoga says emphatically YES! On this retreat we will explore what can be done to make profound lasting changes in our lives. More importantly, you will be invited to live this way for 5 days and start the transformational process. 

The Wim Hoff Method

You might have heard of Wim Hoff – well did you know that ‘The Wim Hoff Method’ is 100% borrowed from the ancient yogic practice of Pranayama? Through daily practice with me you will learn the 6 major pranayama exercises that have been clinically proven as an effective means of dealing with:

  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Mental health
  • Fertility problems
  • Weight issues

And much, much more. Don’t worry, there will be no ice baths or cold water plunging! Unless you wanted to, after all we have a 25° degrees forecasted for the entire week.

5 days to change your life

How yoga works physically: We will explore the major muscle groups, how they work and how you can enhance your practice and tailor it to your specific needs. Taking a close look at the function of muscles helps us understand what is happening when we practice yoga.

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