Monday Night Yoga In Hertford

Mondays 8:15pm until 9:15pm

After months of looking for the right location I’m pleased to inform you that Yoga classes will now be available on Monday evenings in Hertford.

Yoga classes will be held at:

The Sophie Edwards School of Dance
SG14 1JA

8:15pm until 9:15 / £6

Monday classes will be shorter than Wednesday and Friday, the idea is to make these more dynamic. Each month we’ll work on a theme and build upon it as the year progresses.

Wednesday & Friday Price Change

Those of you who know me well know that I want to make Yoga available to as many people as possible, the cost of a class plays a factor in this. Regrettably; a combination of increased rent and unpredictability in class numbers means that Wednesday & Friday classes which are 90 minutes will now cost £8*.

I believe this is still a fair price in the context of other classes in Hertford, bearing in mind that my classes are longer. 90 minutes means that together we have a chance for a far deeper relaxation and a more authentic Yoga experience.

More about Mondays

I want to keep the £6* class available. These classes being 60 minutes will be themed on a monthly basis. Classes will be held at The Sophie Edwards School of Dance.

January will be 4 high action power Yoga sessions designed to increase cardiovascular fitness and burn fat.


I’m not a huge fan of memberships, non-refundable deposits or a block booking price model. Yoga is a life long journey and a deep inner search – I don’t want to compel anyone to come to my class because they should, we come with a happy heart ready to do our best and this is what creates the magic. So, booking will continue as is, you just need to confirm the day before the class you plan on attending. This is an honor based system – if you’re not 100% that you can make the class please leave the option available for someone that is.

The good news is that you now have 3 affordable yoga classes in Hertford.

2018 Plans

  • Charity fund raiser blindfolded Yoga class date TBC
  • More guest teachers
  • Yoga Retreats
  • More Tea & Cake & meditation after class
  • Lots more laughter & fun


I would like to thank each and everyone of you with all of my heart for welcoming me to Hertford, it has been a good year. More than that, I will be forever in gratitude to you for brining your energy and enthusiasm to class be that just one or many. I wish that 2018 is all that you hope for and more.

With peace and love,
Sunil x

*Concessions are available for OAPs, DSS & Students please contact me directly 🙂

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