Yoga For Weight Loss

I have really welcomed the dietary plan. I like having structure and ease of the tracking sheet. I have become much more conscious about how I eat. I was initially worried about watching my calories and cooking for my son. I thought it would be cooking two meals when in fact if I stop snacking, and moderate my portions a little bit, it is fine. I will certainly continue… think it will be very welcome after Christmas.

Yogini Vivienne
“I’m loving it as I’ve learned so much about my eating habits – good and bad – and where I need to make improvements. Really helps to be accountable” – Yogini Jo

Can yoga help you lose weight?

Yes when combined with a dietary plan that is coherent with the principals of yoga.

A lot of yoga is based on asana and much of the imagery we get bombarded with is ‘skinny, lycra, instagram selfie types’. This is not what I am offering. 

Yes, we are going to track calories, weigh ourselves daily and do as many of the classes we feel happy doing.

I am sharing my personal approach to maintaining health. My yoga for weight loss system incorporates the principals of Ayurveda with science. We do this by monitoring our calorie intake and exercising.

The goal is to reduce fat, gain muscle and get stronger.

What’s included?
 Ayurveda dosha test: This will help you discover your body type and give you insight as to how best to manage your energy

Complete Book of Home Ayurvedic Remedies: An outstanding resource that will give you specific guidance on the dietary changes you wish to make

My weight tracking software: The brains of our project. This sheet will respond to your current weight and will provide a daily calorie and macro nutrient goal. We’ll also use a free calorie tracking app to make tracking calories easier

Dedicated What’s App group: A private group for you to share your progress, recipes and ask questions.

Access to all yoga online classes: All Morning and evening yoga classes in January worth £90

I feel much better in myself… It was a challenge but I could see how my strength had at least been maintained, if not more, from the regular yoga. Thanks Sunil it’s been hard but good!

Yogini Karthica

I have seen steady weight loss and although it took a little time to get used to the calorie counts and macros, I soon got into it and now it’s second nature. I am more aware of what I eat then ever before. I feel great, energy levels are good, bloating is reduced and I’ve developed an appreciation for healthy food that I haven’t had for a long time. Thank you so much for running this and supporting us through it.

Yogini Jo

The Price of this course is £120


Places on this course and limited. Book now to avoid disappointment